Be Involved at CHS!

Be Involved at CHS!

Tania Armas, Writer

According to the US Census Bureau recent study, statistics show that students that are involved in extra-curricular activities are more engaged in school.

Extra-curricular involvement has not only been linked to success in school, but post secondary success as well.  In a recent study by the National Center for Education Statistics 70% of CEOs report to have participated in at least one club in high school and most held an office.  The College Board ties higher SAT test scores to participation in extra-curricular activities. There are many proven benefits to being involved in extra-curricular activities.

CHS provides a variety of clubs that focuses on gaining knowledge, life skills, and leadership roles. Clubs can also surround students with encouraging members who can provide a friendly environment, while scholarships are also very accessible in clubs. Here are some clubs that CHS students can be involved in!


FBLA stands for Future Business Leaders Of America. Mrs. Johnson is in charge of the organization. According to her, FBLA focuses on building strong relationships, networking with others students and business leaders,  learning how to compete in business, and developing sound communication skills. Some advantages that students gain are business skills,

communication/networking skills, travel, friendships, and contacts for life after high school. Mrs. Johnson also mentioned that FBLA will be doing fun competitions, field trips, attending exciting meetings, learning about business, and meeting new people throughout this year. Students are invited to FBLA’s first meeting on August 27th during advisory in Mrs. Johnson’s room!


Bible Club 

CHS Bible club, also known as The Collective, is sponsored by Mrs. Williams. This is a student led organization encouraging members to use the Bible and grow in their faith. Mrs. Williams states that “no matter what church is attended, the one thing that Christains have in common is the Bible. We will dig into the truths of scripture and point one another to Christ. One of our greatest desires is to serve others in our school & community.” Bible club holds weekly meetings on Wednesdays in  Mrs. Williams room with students or guest speakers sharing a short message either based on Bible scripture or about planning an outreach in our community. Bible club plans on serving non-profit organizations such as the local food bank and Habitat for Humanity. They also keep a CHS annual tradition going by arranging  “See You At The Pole”, which is an opportunity students are given to meet and pray together as a whole. Donuts and refreshments are provided. Bible club is a great place to give and receive encouragement!


Spanish Club 

Spanish club is sponsored by Mrs. Williams. In this organization, students get the chance to explore the beauty of the Hispanic culture. They are exposed to a variety of celebrations and aspects of the culture. “Students will get to socialize with other people that are interested in this awesome culture and learn how to organize and participate in community service events. They will celebrate the Hispanic culture through the language, food, music, and dance” Mrs. Williams stated. This year, Spanish club plans to take a step further in their exposure of the Spanish language. When eating at a restaurant during their field trips, attempting to order their meals in spanish will be expected. Spanish club also plans on going to spanish concerts and exploring Hispanic art exhibits that will help members expand their knowledge of the culture. Spanish club is also looking into being involved in charity by helping the Angel Tree before Christmas! If you’re looking to be exposed to diversity, this is your chance!



FCCLA is sponsored by Mrs. Lawson. It is also known as Family, Careers, Community Leaders of America. FCCLA’s priorities families and communities. Members get to compete in star events. Star events are competitive events that help members gain life skills that guide them to lead in families, communities, and careers. Skills such as setting goals, problem solving, planning, decision making, and interpersonal communication. FCCLA also helps members access to a variety of scholarships given through the organization. Members will get to travel from state level up to national level, depending on their involvement in FCCLA. Community service is a priority as well. FCCLA is always looking forward to reaching out and giving back to the community. Fundraising will also be expected this year in order to attend Nationals in Washington D.C. this year! FCCLA is a great way to prepare a student to take on a role as a leader for adult ife. “Please get involved. You will be so glad you did! I encourage you to take part of the Ultimate Leadership Experience” Mrs. Lawson encourages you all!



“BETA is one of the largest non-profit organizations that develops today’s students in tomorrow’s leaders. BETA club promotes academic achievement, community service, character development, and leadership” Beta’s sponsor, Mrs. Hutchins, stated. BETA provides members with leadership roles, community service hours, state and national level competitions, and numerous scholarship options. “This year in BETA, we are striving for excellence within our schools, communities, and state and national affairs. We are promoting leadership development by sending selected club members to the BETA Leader conference. Following this, BETA members will work diligently in preparing for state convention in hopes of advancing to nationals” Assures Mrs. Hutchins! If you are willing to serve your community as a leader, Join Beta!



STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. “STEM promotes environmental responsibility, it informs students about possible STEM careers, supports our community, and surrounding communities through volunteerism.” Mrs. Sellers informed. Mrs. Sellers is Stem’s advisor. She makes sure that members get the opportunity to explore different career pathways that STEM has to offer. Members give back to the environment through their recycling program. They not only help out our environment, but also prioritize the community through volunteering as well. This year, STEM will provide members with influential guest speakers/leaders who promote environmental awareness. “Stem club is a wonderful organization for students interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics! No specific GPA is required to be involved. It’s open to all students who show interest of course” Mrs. Sellers assured.



FFA: a national organization that prepares members to serve as leaders and succeed in careers. FFA stands for Future Farmers of America. Members gain hands on experiences, personal growth, and leadership through agriculture education. This doesn’t necessarily mean that FFA can’t provide skills needed for different career clusters such as teachers, doctors, scientists, and business owners. According to the FFA website, today, there are 669,989 FFA members, aged 12-21, in 8,630 chapters in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. If FFA sounds right for you, see your ag teachers to join today!


Student Council 

Student Council is an organization lead by Ms. Rains. Student Council believes in making the world a better place by serving it whether it’s through the club, school, or community. Members get to learn about the different government positions and their impact on our community. They also get to experience what it feels like to hold a position so worth while by being elected in positions through student council. Students looking for a great resume might want to consider joining Student Council. It provides great community service hours as well. Service learning projects are taken place every nine weeks according to Ms. Rains. This year, Student Council will be continuing to purchase gifts for the Angel Tree. A lot of fundraising is also expected this year such as selling spirit ribbons during homecoming week. ”If you’re interested in being in a small, close-knit club and helping serve the world around you, come hang out with us! We go to state conference every year and have a blast! We need at least one guy and one girl from each grade, so if you’re interested we’d love to have you” Ms. Rains encourages you all!


Convinced Yet?

Mr. Smith, the principal, hopes that all students get involved in a club this year. He will be arranging a club promotion this Friday at the auditorium. Students will get to learn more about the impacts of clubs! Be a part of something great! There are so many clubs to choose from! Which one will you pick?