CHS Art Students Work in the City Park with “Art of Gardening” Project



Clinton High School Art Students work in the city park with

“Art of Gardening” Project


Clinton High School art classes worked the past few weeks in the Outdoor Classroom and the Pollinator Meadow at the city park. Activities included spring cleaning and installing stepping stones along the trails. Students learned how to use their talents to make wooden forms and pour quikrete. Their concrete blocks were then decorated with glass and handmade painted clay tiles made in the classroom. The tiles illustrate pollinators that will live in the Pollinator Meadow and Outdoor Classroom.  Over one hundred students participated in the tile making process.

This summer the Van Buren County Conservation will be offering a free monthly class for children ages 6-14 in the Outdoor Classroom. The class will focus on gardening, and learning about plants and pollinators. Each month projects will differ, but will include learning how to make stepping stones,  and painting trash cans for the City Park.

The site is managed by the VBC Conservation District, the City of Clinton and volunteers.  If you want to volunteer or If you are interested in having your child participate please email the project manager [email protected] or call 501-745-2266.