Concerned Comics

Concerned Comics

There are numerous issues that are currently going on in our world.
Our objective is to illustrate these numerous issues to the community by
artistic compositions in hopes that they will eventually be resolved as a result, overall.

Our solution is not set in stone and is an open-book. Anyone in the world is welcome to suggest any ideas that could assist with ultimately resolving the issues as a result, overall.

Tech Resources Needed
The tech resources that are needed are: A computer, possibly a Wacom tablet, Photoshop, any other art programs (If applicable) and Gmail.

Client (who are you doing it for)
My clients are both Clinton High School and the Clinton community (Possibly world-wide)

Community Partner(s) (who is helping you)
Mrs. Fleming, Clinton High School, Mrs. Hutchins (Hopefully), etc.

Team Leader
Steven Will

Team Members
Esteban Saavedra, Wade Dement