Let’s Taco ’bout It!

Tania Armas

 CHS ESL, also known as the English as a Second Language class, has decided to take a step further into their teaching methods by forming a new program. This program is called “Let’s Taco ‘bout It”.   “Let’s Taco ‘bout It” encourages English learners to not only learn the language, but to put it to use. It is understandable that ELs (English learners) get intimidated due to fright of mispronouncing words or not using them right, but this program will allow them to get more comfortable speaking the language. Every friday during 7th period, “Let’s Taco ‘bout It” takes place in the ESL class. Volunteers from Junior High and High school study halls are selected to help assist ELs. The volunteers role is to interact with ELs, whether it’s through helping understand their homework, filling out student forms, or simply just conversing with them. ELs and volunteers have the chance to participate in English learning based games, such as Duolingo. Duolingo is designed to provide a platform that makes language education enjoyable. Also, to make things better, snacks are given out! What better way is there to make learning fun?

ESL classes have always done a remarkable job in teaching non-English speakers how to improve their English. As of right now, there are two non-English speakers in the class. The other three have improved throughout the years with the help of the ESL teachers, Mrs. McCormac and Mrs. Beavers. The volunteers are mostly just English speakers except for a bilingual student, Tania Armas. She helps translate for the native Spanish speakers. On the last Friday of the month, Mrs. Williams, the Spanish teacher, allows her students to visit with the native Spanish speakers. This helps ELs and SLs (Spanish learners) to increase their communication skills, and help each other learn.

“Let’s Taco ‘bout It” has been established for almost two weeks now. The students seem to really enjoy it. “The EL students named the club. There were several suggestions but when Let’s Taco ‘bout It was suggested, all were in agreement” as Mrs. Beavers stated. We appreciate Mr. Smith for allowing this program to take place and are so excited to see how these students improve throughout this year!