The National Chuckwagon Races 2020


Emily Pilkington

It’s that time of the year again the National Chuckwagon Races are upon us.This small town of Clinton thrives during the chuckwagon races. Many citizens of Clinton get to dig into their old country southern roots the week of Labor Day! Clinton is very appreciative of the opportunity to host the National Chuckwagon Races every year. As Angela Alexander, partner of local business Huddle House says, “We love the races!” Angela also added that it is their busiest week of the year. She said that they look forward to this opportunity to offer hospitality to the wonderful people. When I was talking to Mrs. Alexander I asked her a big question that everyone has been asking. I asked her how they feel about Covid-19 going on right now and are they going to run their business differently. Her response was that they are going to follow all precautions that have been given from our governor and that they will serve as many people as possible! With the comment Angela said she self assured many people in this town and they don’t have to worry about someone not following guidelines if they are nervous. I talked to Ag teacher Chad Mooney to see what his opinions were on the races. Mr. Mooney is very involved in this event and he said that they are very enjoyable. He likes the races from a social perspective. He said that he gets to see some friends that he sometimes only gets to see at these races. He also mentioned all the different events that are included other than just racing horses. The chuckwagon races provide many types of entertainment such as big concerts. Some big country singers come down for a night to perform for everyone. Something that really stuck out to me that Mooney said was, “The Chuckwagon Races really made Arkansas famous.” When he said that I kind of was in shock. Then I thought about it and realized that he is right, this one event promotes not just Clinton but our state as well. It shows that there are some other things to do in Arkansas other than just seeing some cows in a hayfield. The town of Clinton to me needs the chuckwagon races. Most people in our town will agree with me on that statement. A citizen from our town Jan Brown told me that her personal outlook was good. “Overall outlook is that it is good economically for our town, but those types of events are not my cup of tea so I stay out of town as much as I can.” Many people have the same opinion as Mrs. Brown. But overall they support the event because it is a great opportunity for our community as whole. It promotes our town which is very good for a small town like Clinton. It helps economically because of all the restaurants and all the people buying items from all of our businesses. If you ask anyone about how they feel about the chuckwagon races for our town, they will say it is an amazing opportunity for our town to be promoted!!!