37th Annual Chuckwagon Races


Sydney Standridge

It’s a tradition. Every year thousands of people come to our town to enjoy the National Championship Chuckwagon races. Last week the event was held and several of our students were able to participate in carrying an American flag in the opening ceremonies before the races began. Those students include seniors Katie McJunkins and Sydney Standridge, junior Laycee Green, freshman Sam Standridge, Kenna Collins and Dixie Newland, eighth graders Shelby Standridge, Finley Newland, Addison Balentine and Cort Alexander, sixth graders Daysie Newland and Rylee Green, fifth grader Jhett Housley, and first grader Ike Newland. They carry a symbol of freedom in front of thousands of people, and they do it well. Kenna Collins was asked, “What is your favorite part about being on the flag team?” She responded with, “Getting to camp at the races, and ride horses with my friends.”After the opening ceremonies are complete the races begin, they start off with the smaller wagons in the Oklahoma Land Rush division and work their way up to the Classics. There is just something about these classic wagons rolling on the race track and hearing the voices of Danny Newland and Dean Holman announcing the results of the closest races. It gives people a thrill and a high of excitement as they watch the wagons come across the finish line. One of the most thrilling things to hear in the races is hearing Danny Newland say, “They are wheel to wheel, rein to rein and bit to bit.” Five of our students compete in the wagon races, those students include senior Landon McNabb, eighth grader Harold McNabb and seniors Colter Davis, Colton Honeycutt, and Kylie Lasater. The McNabb brothers are involved in the Oklahoma Land Rush, this is the shortest race held at the event, but is one of the most competitive. Colter Davis, Colton Honeycutt and Kylie Lasater are a part of the 4-Up Mules race, this is considered one of the hardest races to compete in. You have four mules that run up and hill and then come down the hill at a very high speed headed to the finish line. Colter and Colton’s team is called the 7-H mules, Kylie’s team is called Bob’s Beauties and the McNabb brother’s team is called Runnin at Random. Neither one of these three teams won the National Championship for their divisions, but they competed at a high level and we are proud of them. When Colter Davis was asked, “What is your favorite part about the races?” He responded with, “Getting to be involved in the races while being an outrider.” It truly is so awesome what students have completed!  The races have ended and all the travelers have packed their bags and headed home once again. However, we will welcome them back in eleven months and three weeks!