Veterans Day


Every year on November 11, we celebrate our veterans. We are blessed at Clinton Junior High to have staff members that have served our great country. We wanted to take a moment to thank Mr. Beavers, Ms. Mitchell, and Officer Ayers for their years of dedication to our nation. 

Mr. Beavers and Ms. Mitchell served in the United States Air Force.  The Air Force is all about fighting enemies from above. The Air Force is considered to be one of the most important branches (along with the Army) in our military. Aviation service is also one of the more dangerous forces of our military, so we want to give a big thank you to Mr. Beavers and Ms. Mitchell. 

Officer Ayers  served in the Army. Like said before the army is also thought to be one of the most vital branches of our military. 

Again thank you Mr. Beavers, Ms. Mitchell, and Officer Ayers for your service to our country and now to Clinton Schools. Thank you for risking your lives to help keep America a safe and free nation. It is very important to us. So if you see any of these three veterans today, be sure to tell them thank you!