All Things Christmas Survey

Last week, we sent out a Christmas survey to our junior high students to get their opinions on a few things.  Enjoy!!

Christmas Survey

When to put up the Christmas Tree: 

116 responses- Day after Thanksgiving

56 responses- Week before Christmas

22 responses- As soon as Halloween is over

6 responses- Christmas Tree never comes down

5 responses- No tree


Christmas Tree Preference-

148 responses- Fake Tree

52 responses- Real Tree

5 responses- No tree, they are messy


On top of my tree-

127 responses- a star

39 responses- an angel

3 responses- cowboy hats

2 responses- elf hat

2 responses- Mickey Mouse

3 responses- Snowman


Candy Canes-

175 responses- Yummy!

30 responses- Yuck!


Christmas Movies-

82 responses- Home Alone

53 responses- Elf

9 responses- The Santa Claus

9 responses- A Christmas Story

17 responses- National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

10 responses- Hallmark

32 responses- The Grinch

8 responses- Charlie Brown

8 responses- Rudolph

54 responses-  The Polar Express

29 responses- Nightmare before Christmas

3 response- Disney’s Christmas Carol

3 responses- Frosty the Snowman

1 response- It’s a Wonderful Life


Favorite Christmas Carol

51 responses- It’s beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas

35 responses- Silent Night

34 responses- Jingle Bells

26 responses- Deck the Halls

16 responses- Rudolph

15 responses- We Wish You a Merry Christmas

14 responses- Let it Snow

11 responses- Frosty

3 responses- O Christmas Tree


Fav Drink

116 responses- Hot Choc

38 responses- Eggnog

19 responses- Grinch Float

15 responses- Cranberry Sprite

9 responses- Milk

8 responses- Apple Cider


Fav Christmas Cookie-

88 responses- Chocolate Chip

53 responses- Sugar Cookie

20 responses- Snickerdoodle

17 responses- Peanut Butter

14 responses- Oreo

7 responses- Oatmeal

6 responses- Gingerbread


Let it Snow- 

198 responses- I love snow!!

7 responses- EWWWWW.


Favorite Reindeer-

109 responses- Rudolph

24 responses- Dasher

17 responses- Comet

15 responses- Vixen

10 responses- Cupid

9 responses- Dancer

8 responses- Blitzen

4 responses- Donder


Time for Presents!-

113 responses- open gifts on Christmas morning

83 responses- Our family does both!

9 responses- Open on Christmas Eve


Favorite Color Combos-

183 responses- Red and Green

9 responses- Blue and Silver

5 responses- Silver and gold

5 responses- Plaid

3 responses- Gold and white