Student Spotlight: Anna Belle Reece


“I don’t really believe it!” This was the reaction of sophomore Anna Belle Reece when she found out she had been chosen to be the Student Spotlight. Despite being voted for and nominated many times for the student spotlight Anna Belle said: “I’m not a spotlight student”. However, if you ask anyone at Clinton High who they think the sweetest girl in school is and nine times out of ten they’ll say Anna Belle with the biggest smile on their face. “Anna Belle is the best! I love that kid, I love her zest for life!” says Librarian Mrs.Perry which is very similar to Anna Belle’s answer about who some of her favorite teachers/staff members at Clinton High, “I love Mrs. Perry she’s the best! She puts up with all my stories’ ‘. And stories she has, If you talk to anyone at Clinton High about Anna Belle they have someone kind of story they’ll tell you with a smile and a laugh. Anna Belle is a very social person and she’ll be the first one to say so! “If I didn’t have to do work, school would be paradise! I get to talk to so many people ” When asked about how school was Anna Belle went on to explain how she didn’t think many teachers liked her “I just talk a lot and not many teachers like that”. Anna Belle expressed how hard school has been for her, explaining how she has missed more school recently for her health. Anna Belle was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at nine years old. She has to regularly check her blood pressure and blood sugar levels. When asked about being diabetic while in high school Anna Belle said “It just kinda sucks I’ll never be like everyone else. I have to constantly be aware of my health.” However, being diabetic isn’t the only obstacle that Anna Belle faces. “I was diagnosed with anxiety a few years ago, It’s rough, and I used to have panic attacks like regularly…I finally agreed to go on meds after years of telling my mom no, I didn’t wanna be dependant on medicine when I didn’t know what it was doing to my brain. I finally said yes because I realized trying to fix my brain’s chemical imbalance was more important and I haven’t had an attack since my meds started”. However through all this Anna Belle still made a point to be nice to people. Anna Belle never let what she was going through or how people were treating her affect how she was to other people. She’s not one to let adversity get in her way. Anna Belle is in Theatre Club, Bible Club, Library Club, FBLA District Vice President, Beta, and she runs for the high school track team. Despite being the quirky fireball that she is, most people started to notice Anna Belle around Clinton High School for how loving and supportive she was with Devon Wooten, “He was my best friend…” Anna Belle says Devon plays a big role in who she is today. “He was always asking people about how they were. Even when he was really sick, he was checking on others and talking to them. It made me realize I didn’t want to wake up years from now and think ‘I’d only talked to people in my friend group cause I was scared’ so I decided my goal would be to make a new friend every week and it makes me so happy! I love meeting and talking to people”.

Anna Belle, however, isn’t only a good soul, she is also a shining student academically. According to World History teacher Mrs. Barnard, “Anna Belle is a great student. AP world is a difficult course but she works hard and it shows. Anna Belle is goofy and fun but knows when to be quiet and pay attention. She’s always got a great attitude.” Anna Belle doesn’t just stand out to her peers and also her teachers here at Clinton High School. “Anna Belle has battled through some tough circumstances by relying on God. As an adult, I feel especially inspired by her to rise above difficulties by leaning on God for strength. I also have noticed that Anna Belle is a friend at all times; she desires to build others up. Anna Belle reminds us to be the best and kindest we can.”

Anna Belle is an amazing student at Clinton High and according to many people, she makes the terrors of high school easier and more fun for everyone. No one is a stranger when it comes to Ms. Anna Belle Reece. She will gladly make you her friend if you have the time. Anna Belle has taken the time to use what she’s been through to help others and be a resource for anyone who needs her. She is an amazing person who has had to go through endless troubles and tribulations but still comes out with a smile on her face. She balances her extracurriculars and medical troubles while still maintaining a high GPA. She works hard in school, her personal life, and being a friend to everyone she meets which is why sophomore Anna Belle Reece is Clinton High Schools Student Spotlight. In Anna Belle’s words “I just gotta smile and keep chugga luggin.”