2020 Who’s Who

2020 Whos Who

Mr.CHS: Jasper Burgess

Miss CHS: Shelby Dawson

Best Smile:

Joseph Strawn &  Emily Galbraith

Best Hair:

Aldrich Infante &  Tiffany Duncan

Kindest Heart:

Garrett Goforth &  India Smith 

Best Dressed:

Riley Epps & Emily Sewell

Most Dramatic:

Lathan Newland &  Jadyn Banister

Most Talented:

Cade Williams & Abby Tharp

Most Likely to Succeed:

Ian Thompson & Kara Kirkland

Most Reserved:

Landon Linn & Liberty Collins

Most School Spirit:

Chase Blanton & Haley Calhoun

Teacher’s Pet:

Alex Prosser & Heather Hagerman

Biggest Flirt:

Grey Gawenis & Caitlyn Sowell

Worst Case of Senioritis:

Jacob Bigelow & Eden Kuykendoll

Most Athletic:

Zac Alexander & Haven Stoltzfus

Class Clown:

Tye Pruitt & Madison Speer

Best Laugh:

Colby Sowell & Victoria Caplette

Most Likely to Remembered:

Austin Pruitt & Lacy Belle McJunkins

Most Artistic:

David Saavedra & Mary Bowie

Sweetest Ride:

Ryan Webb & Amber Arnold

Best Eyes:

Blaine Emberton & Sadie Shannon