The True Meaning Behind Valentine’s Day


Tania Armas

Valentine’s Day is a holiday where one has an excuse to express their love towards someone through chocolate boxes, roses, and stuffed bears. February 14 is a significant date for not only couples but also businesses. Many companies start stocking the aisles with Valentine’s goodies in January. In 2019, Valentine’s shoppers made a huge impact on the United States economy. They had added $20.7 billion to the economy according to the National Retail Federation. This is $19.2 billion more than what they spent in 2018. Candy, greeting cards, evening out, flowers, and jewelry happened to be the top 5 Valentine’s day purchases. At the end of the day, business is not what Valentine’s Day is about. What is Valentine’s Day?
Valentine’s Day is mostly tradition to Christian and ancient Roman. The dated is honored of Saint named Valentine, but why is he relevant to our annual holiday?
In the third century of Rome, Valentine was a priest. He wasn’t just any kind of Priest. He became a very well-known priest. Valentine was made out to be a hero to many young couples. You see at the time, Emperor Claudius II had banned the marriage of young men. He was convinced that a soldier was better off single than being married and with kids. Valentine did not agree with Emperor Claudius, and beliefs were so strong that he continued to marry young men in secret. It was a gesture that cost Valentine’s life.
When Emperor Claudius II discovered Valentine’s “rebellious” actions, he sent to kill Valentine. Of course like any other town, there were other rumors suggesting that Valentine was killed because he had apparently helped Christians escape Roman prisons. These Prisons obtained extremely harsh conditions. Christians were beaten and tortured. There were other rumors as well that had nothing to do with why he was killed but had to do with Valentine’s love life. It was said that Valentine himself, had sent the first-ever “valentine” greeting card to a young girl whom he had fallen in love with. Supposedly, she happened to be his jailer’s daughter who would visit him. Before his death, he had sent a letter to her that was signed, “from your Valentine” which is an expression still used today. Saint Valentine made a huge impact on our society, making Valentine’s Day one of the most celebrated holidays. Throughout the years Valentine’s Day has been modified within generations, but the idea remains the same and will be the same in the name of Valentine’s.