Student Spotlight: Jayden Exzabe

Emily Hogue

If you ask anyone at Clinton High School who they think is a good representative of the senior class many would say Jayden Exzabe, and that’s exactly why he was chosen for this month’s student spotlight. 

While talking to some of Jayden’s teachers, they had nothing but good things to say. “He brings life to Clinton High School and makes teaching fun and enjoyable for everyone,” said Spanish teacher Señora Williams. Another one of Jayden’s teachers, Mrs.Shamoon who teaches his Comp 1 and 2 class says, “He acts all goofy, but gets his work done,” when I asked Shamoon if Jayden was a good student academically she said, “That’s confidential but we will be seeing him in Comp 2.” Safe to say ole Jayden’s doing pretty well. However, it’s not only the teachers that have Jayden in class he makes an impact on “On my second day of working at Clinton, Jayden brought me a coffee as a welcome to Clinton present. I thought this was very kind since I don’t know him. From what I’ve seen of him he’s a very genuine, kind person,” this praise came from the newest addition to Clinton’s staff Ms.Crissler. 

Teachers are not the only people at Clinton who notice Jayden and see the example he sets, “He has one of the best personalities out of anyone in our class. Whether he’s putting smiles on people’s faces or almost making people cry from laughing so hard. He’s genuinely one of the best of us,” says classmate Kaylee Hobbs. 

It’s safe to say that everyone at Clinton High School speaks highly of Jayden Exzabe but, what does Jayden say about himself? “I was really surprised when you guys told me, I didn’t think people liked me.” When asked what he’s most proud of he said, “Well it’s not really me, but I’m proud of the football boys. We did that, we put in work from an early age and went far with what we had. It’s an honor. If I had to pick one thing that I did personally, it would probably be getting All-Conference in Baseball,” Jayden also said that the one thing he hopes people of him is as an outlet. “I want people to think of me as trustworthy, that they can come to me if they have a problem or need to talk.” While talking to Jayden he said that he tries his best for his younger siblings, “I want to show them that you can have all the fun you can in high school but still stay true to yourself and be kind.” Jayden is also known for being very faithful, he has been described many times as a prime example of showing Christianity, and not just claiming it. He sets an example.

 Jayden is one of the most loved and loving persons Clinton High has ever seen. Ask anyone at Clinton and they will have some kind of story about Jayden they will say with a smile on their face. It’s because Jayden radiates at Clinton High that he has been chosen to be the Student Spotlight. He shows how to be a genuine, kind person, an incredible student, an athlete, and shows how to do all of it with love in his heart, and as Kaylee said: “He truly is the best of us”. Finally, Jayden said the last thing he wanted to be put in this is a direct quote from him “Add my snap @Jaydvnnnnn and Instagram @Jayvnn.”