Defying the Odds

McKenna Gunn

Determined. Driven. Daring. All these words can describe Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi who went from being homeless to being apart of the NFL’s beloved Cleveland Browns. Guiseppi had been a kick returner for Phoenix College, a junior college in Arizona. He had taken his last two years out of Phoenix football and found the tryouts for the Browns was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Not wanting to sacrifice the perfect set up for his dream, he spent the last of his money on training, and even ended up sleeping outside of the 24 hour gym. After he was tipped off about the time and location of the Brown’s spring practice from a former flag league teammate, Guiseppi still had a problem on his hands; he wasn’t invited. By doing his research, Guiseppi convinced the Brown’s management that he knew the Alonza Highman’s team vice president. The day Guiseppi showed up he walked right up to Highman and introduced himself, while the rest is history. He earned a camp invite and even a shot at the preseason, which let his talents shine. Due to hard work and determination, Guiseppi is now a wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns and is loving every moment of it!