Staff Spotlight : Jamie Williams


Emily Pilkington

Position at CHS: High School Receptionist, Sr. High Cheer Coach


How long have you been at CHS? I have worked for the district for 10 years, 5 at high school.


Favorite Food: Italian


Favorite Movie: My favorite movie will forever be the Wizard of Oz.


Favorite Music: ALL Music, I love all music.


What is working at Clinton High School like? Busy! And so fun. I love working with all the students. There’s never a dull moment here in the office!


Describe CHS in 3 words. Lively, Inclusive, Spirited


What #hashtags describe your personality best? #momof3 #alwayslate #cheermama


What is something people don’t know about you? I love to sing and I make my own lyrics when the artist messes up.  🙂