7th Grade Volleyball Wrap Up

Mylie Newland

The Clinton 7th grade volleyball team wrapped up their season with a record of 1-5. They played teams such as Conway Christian, Yellville, Bergman, Marshall, and Flippin.  Three of those teams being junior high B teams. They made more and more progress with each practice and game. On October 1st all their hard work paid off in the final game. How much progress you ask? Well take their first and last game scores and put them side by side. They played Conway Christian their first game, the last set was 4 to 25, Conway Christian coming out with the win. Then CJHS’s  last game was against Flippin, that score was 25 to 6.   Flippin being one of the teams who were junior high, and the Jackets won that game!!!  So improvement was made, and the Lady Jackets are still improving over the offseason.  The girls are conditioning and working through drills that will help make them stronger and ready for competition come August!  So, yes these 7th grade Lady Jackets may not have won all of their games, but they gave 100%, had a blast, and learned a lot.  You can expect great things from this team in the future!  Go Jackets!!

Clinton 7th grade Lady Jackets Volleyball Team Roster:  Camila Infante, Mary Lopez,  Bailey Lewis, Coleen Puckett, Savannah Honeycutt, Morgan Mitchell, Gwen Shaver, Cali Shaver, Mylie Newland, Kimberly Jackson, and Hailey King