Clinton vs. Pottsville Scrimmage

Kyler Hensley, Sports Editor

Clinton dominated every aspect of the scrimmage last night against the Pottsville Apaches. The Scrimmage consisted of each team running 12 straight offensive plays, then the 2nd teams repping through 10 plays, and finally a half game of play. In the half of game football, Clinton dominated. They jumped out to an early 20-0 lead. Some key plays were when sophomore fullback John Riley Hinchey broke loose for a 40+ yard carry, and sophomore Weston Amos completed a touchdown pass to sophomore receiver Austin Drake. Clinton coasted off the early lead to a 26-14 win. Clinton looks to continue to dominate as they go to Heber next week and take on the Panthers. A fan bus will be leaving the school at 5 p.m. that day.