Who’s Who


Class of 2020 Who’s Who


Mr. CHS- Jayden Exzabe

Miss CHS – Livie Dufrene


Most Athletic- Aly Bramlett and Weston Amos


Class Clown-  Emily Hogue and Klay Rhoda


Prettiest Eyes- Anna Lee and Riley Jackson


Sweetest Ride- Kaylei King and Josh Ellis


Most Artistic- Kelsie Kirkland and Esteban Saavedra


Most Likely to be Remembered- Brooke Bradford and James Thompson


Best Laugh- Destanee Biggs and Weston Carroll


Worst Case of Senioritis- Kelsey Payne and Ethen Drake


Biggest Flirt- Kaylee Hobbs and Austin Drake


Teachers Pet- Sydney Brown and Blake Burgess


Most School Spirit- Natalie Alexander and Ryan Jones


Most Reserved- Katelyn Prosser and Javen Thompson


Most Likely to Succeed- Courtney Webb and John-Riley Hinchey


Most Talented- Annika Landers and Cade Treadaway


Most Dramatic- Faith Sowell and Reid Hensley


Best Dressed- Lauren Wells and Matthew Gonzales


Kindest Heart- Emma Coward and Brandon Bradley


Best Hair- Priscilla Martinez and Johnathan Carter


Best Smile- Abby James and Kragen Bradley