Christmas at CHS


Christmas is right around the corner and Clinton High School is ready for it! CHS is going all out this year with door decorations, PJ day, and ugly Christmas sweaters. Teachers and students have been working together on decorating the hallways and doors. Every hallway has its own Christmas theme. For example, the hallway where Mrs. Lawson and Mrs. Hutchins’s rooms are located is influenced by a GingerBread house. There are other popular themes such as Harry Potter (Christmas version), Home Alone, and Winter Wonderland. This year, we have invited the Elementary to walk through our decorated hallways. This will take place on December 11th in the morning. Many students have volunteered to dress up as characters that go along with a hallway. There is a rumor going around that every Hallway is competing against each other. The prize is unknown, but some say it’s bragging rights! “I won’t be mad if my hallway doesn’t win. As long as I walk into school every morning with a smile on my face, feeling the Christmas spirit, I am perfectly fine” quoted Mrs. Mccormac. It’s been a very festive last few weeks of school, and CHS wouldn’t want it any other way!