Christmas Around The Globe


McKenna Gunn

“‘Tis the season!” You know what that means… It’s that time of year again! Hot chocolate, fuzzy socks, and Home Alone are all common traditions that take place here in the United States. But, did you know the worldly Christmas traditions that also occur?
In Japan, Christmas is not a very common holiday to be celebrated until recently. Within the past few years, citizens have begun lining up at the doors of KFC to buy fried chicken until they’re sold out. In Austria, the tale of Krampus, St. Nicholas’s evil accomplice comes to life. Men dress up as scary creatures and go around scaring kids, which encourages children to be good! In Sweden, a 42-foot hay straw goat is a tradition that has dated back to 1966.
Although the countries mentioned above are not the only countries, they are definitely some to be noted!