Savannah Calhoun

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GOBBLE GOBBLE! What’s that? Oh, everyone’s favorite time of the year! The time where families gather around to say things that they are thankful for, but most importantly to dig in. We have been celebrating this loved holiday since November 1621. It all started when the Pilgrims arrived from the Mayflower, met the Wampanoag Indians, and had a great feast filled with mouth-watering meals. Since then, we have celebrated this season filled with being thankful for almost 400 years. Whether you love it for the food, football, or family, it’s one of the most loved holidays all around the world. Although there are different cultures, we all celebrate it similar by having a huge feast. The difference is what types of meals people celebrate with. Usually, people have turkey, but others even have tamales, sushi, or other culture different foods. Thanksgiving will forever be a day where families can gather around and share the things they are thankful for. So get ready for the best meal of the year and for a good time with family and friends! I know I am, are you?