Jackets Find Success at Track


Blake Burgess and Weston Amos, Writer

The CHS Track season took several athletes to District Track in Green Forest.  The boys emerged as District Champions while the girls were District Runner-Ups. The track team had several athletes advance to state:  


Boys High Jump:

1st Kyle Tobin

2nd Dylan Spillane

5th  Trey Webster


Girls High Jump:

1st Madison Speer

3rd Kaylee Hobbs

4th Haven Stoltzfus

6th Erika Sykes


Boys Long Jump:

1st Weston Amos

2nd Ethen Drake

7th Trey Webster

8th Matthew Gonzales


Girls Long Jump:

3rd Madison Speer

5th Sophia Cabana

8th Erika Sykes


Boys Triple Jump:

1st Weston Amos

3rd Ethen Drake

5th Blaine Emberton

10th Nicholas Epley


Girls Triple Jump:

3rd Madison Speer

6th Haley Rolen

7th Shady Harvey


Boys Shot Put:

1st Cade Treadway

2nd Caleb Kirkpatrick

3rd Sky Davidson

6th Josh Witt


Girls Shot Put:

5th Sydney Brown

7th Danielle Teague

8th Riana Hodges

Boys Discus:

1st Cade Treadway

2nd Caleb Kirkpatrick

8th Blake Burgess

10th Chase Blanton


Girls Discus:

3rd Sophia Cabana

6th Danielle Teague

10th Sydney Brown

11th Riana Hodges


Boys Pole Vault:

5th Nicholas Epley

6th Ty Parker

7th Derek Russell

9th Wade Dement


Girls Pole Vault:

4th Danielle Teague

6th Maddy Gifford


Boys 4×800 m Relay

2nd Place ( Blaine Emberton, Matthew Gonzales, Derek Russell, Ryan Jones)


Girls 4×800 m Relay

2nd Place ( Tania Armas, Jadyn Banister, Shady Harvey, Haley Rolen)


Boys 110 Meter Hurdles

1st Tyler Wilson

6th Trey Webster


Girls 100 Meter Hurdles

6th Erika Sykes


Boys 100 Meter Dash

1st Weston Amos

2nd Aldrich Infante

4th Ethen Drake

7th Blake Burgess


Girls 100 Meter Dash

2nd Kaylee Hobbs

5th Sophia Cabana

9th Priscilla Martinez


Girls 1600m Run

7th Maddy Gifford

8th Erika Sykes


Boys 4×100 Meter Relay

1st ( Blake Burgess, Weston Amos, Ethen Drake, Aldrich Infante)


Girls 4×100 Meter Relay

2nd ( Haven Stoltzfus, Kelsey Payne, Sophia Cabana, Kaylee Hobbs)


Boys 400m Dash

1st Weston Amos

2nd Ethen Drake

4th Aldrich Infante

6th Jojo Jones


Girls 400m Dash

2nd Haven Stoltzfus

6th Shady Harvey

7th Haley Rolen


Boys 300m Hurdles

2nd Ryan Jones

4th Tyler Wilson

7th Trey Webster

9th Austin Lynch


Boys 800m Run

2nd Derek Russell

3rd Matthew Gonzales


Girls 800m Run

6th Tania Armas

7th Jadyn Banister


Boys 200m Dash

1st Ethen Drake

2nd Weston Amos

11th Jojo Jones


Girls 200m Dash

2nd Kaylee Hobbs

5th Sophia Cabana


Boys 3200m Sprint

2nd Blaine Emberton


Girls 3200m Sprint

5th Destanie Hammon


Boys 4×400 m Relay

2nd (Blake Burgess, Nicholas Epley, Austin Lynch, Kyle Tobin)


Girls 4×400 m Relay

2nd( Haven Stoltzfus, Kelsey Payne, Madison Speer, Sophia Cabana)


The track team and coaches are looking forward to success at state track.