CHS and CJHS Receive Top Scores at CPA

Glory Stroup, Writer

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The CPA for the Choirs have been a success! Both the Junior and the Senior High Choirs had a blast and did their best, but most importantly sang their hearts out. All of us enjoyed being around our choir family and making wonderful sounds to impress the judges, despite the bad weather!

The Junior High Choir did an incredible job! The judges gave them two Superior and Excellent scores on their sight reading. Because of how well they did and the scores they received, they were able to go to the Honor’s Festival at Mills International Studies High School in Little Rock. The Junior High Choir’s performance of their beautiful songs wowed the judges and anyone in hearing range! They had tons of fun and sang their hearts out for the judges and the audience.

The Senior High Choir did a fantastic job, as well! They received two Excellent scores and a Superior score from the judges, as well as hitting it out of the park with their stage performance! They also sang their hearts out and put their all in each note. Because of their unbelievable performance and scores, they are invited to go to the State CPA Competition on April 9, at Reynolds Auditorium at UCA.

The Senior High was also invited to RESONATE this last Friday. This is where some high schools from around Arkansas go to the campus of Central Baptist College and sing with the college choir for a mass choir song, watch a performance of a scene from their upcoming play, and some songs they have been working on. Choirs also sing individually to share their beautiful pieces with each other.

At the same time all this was happening, all Clinton choirs, as well as Jacket Harmony and FUSION, have been rehearsing for a concert in early May. It will be an all 70’s concert with popular songs, such as “Another One Bites the Dust” and “We Will Rock You”, and several other songs by other bands. They’ve been practicing hard for it and are very excited to get their 70s groove on!

There has been a lot going on in the Clinton Junior and Senior High Choirs! From excelling in competitions to practicing for a groovy spring concert, the choirs are excited to show people what they can do with their beautiful voices. Stay tuned for updates on the Spring Concert and follow the sound of heavenly voices!