Upcoming Choir Assessment

Glory Stroup, Writer

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CPA Choir Assessment and Analysis

This Saturday, March 9, is a day both Junior and Senior High choirs have been preparing for all year! Both choirs have been practicing rigorously during and after school to perfect the songs given to them and heighten their sight reading skills. The choir director, Mrs. Suzanne McMurry, and the choirs are very excited for this weekend to begin!

For CPA (Choral Performance Analysis), each choir prepares two songs, one song with piano accompaniment and another a capella. They also work all year on their sight reading, this is where each section of the choir is handed a piece of music they have never seen before and sing the notes by using the knowledge Mrs. McMurry has taught them. Every choir attending is required to have a song with accompaniment, one a capella, and the ability to sight read. This assessment also tells the judges if the choir directors are teaching us the choral essentials, such as sight reading skills and much more. The scores the judges give us determine whether the choirs did well. The scores range from 1, being the best, to 4, being the worst!

Our Senior High Choir has a lot of seniors in it this year. This year’s CPA will be their last sadly, but they have definitely enjoyed the memories and skills they have learned from Mrs. McMurry and the other students. The Senior High Choir is one big family, and they celebrate each others’ achievements and successes. The choir and Mrs. McMurry are very proud and happy for our seniors!

This weekend is important to the students in choir as much it is for the choir directors. They are very enthusiastic about the assessment so they can show off what they’ve been working hard at all year! The stress may be high, but the scores, memories, and experiences will be phenomenal!