The Arts at CHS

Glory Stroup, Writer

The next few months are jam-packed with rehearsals, singing, acting, and instrument playing! The students and instructors of theater, choir, and band are in high gear to make each piece, song, and scene perfect. They are looking forward to assessments and the upcoming spring play. The students are very excited for the coming months!

The Clinton High School Band, is preparing for their annual concert assessment on March 8, at Conway High School. This will assess how well the kids are doing in band, and how well the instructor has taught them within the past semester. The high school band has prepared some pieces for the judges that will be assessing them. As well as performing in front of judges, there will then be sight reading, where the band gets a short piece of music that they have never seen before. They have some time to run through it with their sections. Once the time is up, they perform the sight reading in front of the judges. They are practicing really hard to make these music pieces perfect!

Just like the band, Clinton High School Choir will be having an annual assessment that will take place on March 9. This assessment is almost exactly like the band’s assessment. The choir will perform practiced pieces, both acapella and accompaniment, in front of judges that will score them and see how well our choir has learned in the past semester. Once the prepared pieces are sung, they will give the choir sight reading they have never seen before. Students are given a certain amount of time to go over it in their individual sections. Once the time is up, they perform the piece in front of the judges. The choir has been working really hard to make the prepared pieces and sight reading skills on point!


The theater department has been hard at work preparing for the spring play, March 7-10. The play that the Clinton Theater will be performing is called Frank. This play is about Dr. Stein wanting a son, so he builds one, and names him Frank. Frank tries going to school, but doesn’t seem to quite fit in with the other students. He runs into trouble with a group of bullies, but along the way, he makes a friend named Mary Shelley. The moral of the story deals with bullying and how not to judge other people by their appearance. The Clinton Theater program is giving it all they have at rehearsals to give you a top notch production, and they are looking forward to presenting it to you next month!

The kids and instructors are very focused on giving the judges and people of Clinton Arkansas everything they have! They are also very excited about the experiences they will gain with their fellow peers, along with the memories of fun times back in high school. The seniors in each club are sad that they have to leave, but will hold onto these memories forever. As for the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen, they are excited for the years to come with their friends and peers.