Student Spotlight: Cade Williams


Glory Stroup, Writer

Cade is a Sophomore this year, and he can’t wait to make some unforgettable high school memories! His biggest supporters are his parents and friends, and he has some big plans for the future!


Cade loves anything and everything that has to do with music. He would love to have a career in music, but if that doesn’t go as planned, he plans on going to college to obtain a degree in Music Education. Cade plans on going to Arkansas Tech for a year, and then transfer out of state, preferably Boston. Music has always been a no-brainer for him, and he’s involved in the Clinton Senior High Choir, Band, and EAST program.


It’s not just music that Cade finds interest in. He loves to play video games, is a very talented artist, enjoys watching YouTube videos, and pretty much anything that consists of art. Cade not only values music, but he also values the most is achieving happiness, and is constantly changing and growing as a person. He says he is always ready for personal growth, “because it brings me closer to a better, happier version of myself.”


Cade will always be an amazing and hardworking individual. He is a fantastic singer, musician, and someone who has great ambition! Cade’s future is very bright, and he has plenty determination and ambition to get him there!


Here is a link to his cover of Troye Sivan’s song, “The Good Side”: