Red Ribbon Week 2018

Tania Armas, Writer

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All throughout the week of October 22-26th, Clinton Schools celebrated Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbon Week is an annual drug, alcohol, and tobacco awareness campaign that is celebrated every year. It is one of the oldest and largest campaigns that has been performed in order to reach out to millions of young people. Our communities have the right to know what damage can be done with the use of these toxics substances. It not only breaks families apart but it also breaks an individual apart. It doesn’t necessarily have to damage a person physically but also mentally. It causes nothing but harm in the long run. The Red Ribbon week is the voice that needs to be heard. The campaign promotes living drug free to benefit our society. According to a drug abuse article, 24.6 billion people in the U.S used drugs in 2013. Many of them are teenagers due to different circumstances. It could be out of boredom, to ease pain, or depression. Teenagers turn to drugs because they feel as if they have control of their life in a way. That is why this campaign needs to be present in school where students are constantly turning to drugs. Students are risking their future and more than anything their life. By consuming drugs a student is more likely to dropout of school or perform poorly in their academics.

On Oct. 22, Clinton high school had the opportunity to attend an anti- drug assembly at South Side. The assembly consisted of activities to promote drug free. The CJHS cheer team performed at the preschool and talked about being drug free on Oct. 25. The Clinton Elementary had a week full of dress up days (Tuesday- Wear Red,Wednesday- career day, Thursday- pajama day, Friday- Black and Gold) as well as a guest speaker. There were also red ribbon information and treats given out throughout the week. We are thankful to have the chance to celebrate red ribbon week and raise drug awareness!