Update from Junior High

Kaylee Hobbs, Writer

Junior High is a full house with 6th-8th grade! They started out the school year with a couple of new changes by adding two new programs. One of them is the T.E.A.M program that goes on during the weekly mentoring period. During this time groups of students go to an assigned teacher that they will remain with for their full three years of junior high. They work on academic goals, character education, and student support. The other program is the ZAP program, which stands for Zero’s Aren’t Permissible. This program allows students to have all week to turn in missing assignments. If the assignments are not turned in by the end of the week, the student or students will join Ms. Green during lunch time each day until all assignments are completed. Junior High Principal Mr. Wells confirmed that there have been no assemblies so far, sports are in full swing, and there is nothing coming up anytime soon. It looks like everything is going good at junior high!